Migration at the Tone (2018)


 »Migration at the Tone« is an expression, a sign of an inside and an outside at the same time: how it is composed and of what; hybrid - between seeing and feeling, between visual arts and literature; a dialog; a research: the (scientific) attempt to understand the world, to make it manageable, to scan objects, to describe and categorize them, to derive laws of phenomena.


The space is filled with sound and voice by using synthesizer and effects. The reading lasts about 30 minutes; an utopian scene/-ry for itself; a magic atmosphere created by words and music for a dreamlike future; a play with terms, phrases and meanings, with existing opportunities for building up a new world; poetry as a way of thinking, feeling and living including all kinds of activities.


The poem is part of the text »der topologische rand einer konvexen menge ist im allgemeinen nichtkonvex oder one step inside doesn't mean you understand«, which is a work in progress. The excerpt is made of 21 pieces and it is about dreaming behind the surfaces. That's where it starts.

Ambiguity is concrete. What has been identified has already disappeared. Texts arise in spaces in between – without intention – not in thought and stealth, but let them come up, without looking, without thinking, by only letting words and images come up. The concrete is what is not thought of. Poetry as a possibility and truth as a word.

»You feel that there is something else to express here than what objectively is description.« – Gaston Bachelard

Everything is necessary. You and me and composition(s) of words and images, outgro- wing the everyday, thrown off from reality. A piece of paper is space and writing is action. And in all this circling around objects and entities – both spiritual and physical: meaning, a sparkle; sadness, reverie – a condition, which is completely made from the very beginning, hardly to see where it starts, and yet it always starts the same way. It flees the object nearby, and immediately it is far away, elsewhere, in a space of elsewhere.